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If you are looking for a calorie tracker armband, you have come to the right place you will find there are many choices. This page is for you to choose the best calorie tracker armband for all your need.

So if you are not sure what calorie tracker armband is right for you, there are some details and customers’ reviews of each calorie tracker armband that might help you decide.

I promise that you won’t get disappointed here. Take your time.

Find the Best Calorie Tracker Armband

GoWear fit Lifestyle and Calorie Management System

Do you ever wonder how many calories you burn playing with the kids? Or how many steps you take on the way to work? GoWear fit is a clinically proven system that turns your body’s everyday information into a tool to help you manage a healthy lifestyle.

Consumer Guide
  • “The GoWear calculates the amount of calories you burn and you can track how many you eat.” – Lawrence M. Kuklinski
  • “Easy to install software and upload data from the device once you sign up for a membership.” – KZ_Mom
  • “I sent three emails, one to the tech support address and two to customer service.” – Photolady

BodyMedia LINK Armband Weight Management System

BodyMedia LINK Armband Are you looking for that added edge in your weight loss program? Automatically and accurately* track your activity and calorie burn like the contestants on The Biggest Loser! The LINK Armband, enabled with Bluetooth wireless technology, sends information to your smartphone providing real-time information so you can take fitness and weight loss body-monitoring wherever you go.

Consumer Reviews
  • “Works great, has helped me lose weight. helps me keep track of my intake and all the calories that i burn.” – Heather Yacevich
  • “Other benefits are the bluetooth connectivity with iPhones or android phones.” – Mark Taylor
  • “I get a good count on calories burned every day, how many steps I’ve taken, and it’s even accurate about my sleep time and adequacy.” – K.A. Thompson

BodyMedia CORE Weight Management System

The bodymedia fit core armband, small in stature but big in building a healthier lifestyle, is an enlightening fitness device. it gives you the tools to take off the pounds and get to the core of the issue when it comes to your fitness and weight loss plan.

Customer Reviews
  • “I love how it tracks my calories burned, amount of activity, steps, and sleep.” – J. Pawlik
  • “My fitnesspal is a website that helps track what you eat so you can lose weight.” – Margery A. Harvey
  • “Bad customer service makes for a bad product and company.” – Ed Seith

ePulse2 Strapless Heart Rate Monitor Watch & Calorie Counter
Impact Sports Technologies

Important Note: Since ePulse2 has a rechargeable battery some units (less than 5%) may discharge due to shelf life. The battery can be brought back with a simple procedure if this is the case.

Product Ratings
  • “Of course I sent an email to the manufacturer with no response.” – C. Evers
  • “I’d say it works 2 times a week and doesn’t work 3 times a week.” – gillerm
  • “It would not start and the battery would not charge.” – Michael A. Jayjock

Striiv Smart Pedometer, Accessory Bundle

Striiv Smart PedometerMake walking to lunch, taking the stairs, and walking dogs a fun experience that motivates you to get fit. With no smartphone required, the Striiv Smart Pedometer designs personalized challenges tailored to your activity levels, and turns 10,000 steps a day into playing a game, donating to charity, and competing with friends.

Calorie Tracker Armband Reviews
  • “I like Striiv because it is interactive and helps keep me motivated to take extra steps throughout the day.” – Karen D.
  • “Overall, I do recommend this with some reservations.” – A. Stierman
  • “My first one lasted 5 months before it just stopped working.” – hopienaum

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